Which schools do rich families send their kids to?


town-and-country-ph-august-2014I was reading the August 2014 issue of Town & Country and an article by Pierre Calasanz, “The Best and The Brightest” caught my attention. He was interviewing 30 High School graduates from what look liked sons and daughters of affluent families. Yes, you can see surnames like Ayala, Ejercito, Laurel, Nepomuceno, Tambunting, Sy, Co, are in the list of students interviewed.

The articles discussed a brief background what they did in High School, their achievements both in school and extra-curricular activities, their role models, and their ambitions after they finish college.

Since the article is focusing on students that are pursuing a college degree outside the Philippines, these smart (yes they’re not just rich and privileged, they’re honor students!) kids are allowed by their parents to venture out to much better schools like Princeton University, UCLA, University of Pennsylvania, Harvard University, and the list goes on.

If you’re rich and your kids are doing very well in school, and you trust them that they can take care of themselves, I am sure you would allow them to fly overseas and study. Perhaps one day they’ll come back and help our country and be one of the top executives like the ones I mentioned in my previous article.

Here are the schools where they finished High School.

I am sure there are more schools out there that offer the same quality education for basic education. But since Pierre is limited to only select a few of the brightest students in the country (who are taking college overseas), this are probably the best private schools in the country.

Reading this, I remember the book Kasusweldo pa lang, Ubos na by Vic and Avelynn Garcia. It talks about not sacrificing your finances just because you wanted your kids to go to private schools. The lesson of the book was to “study at the point of your means”, and you should avoid burdening your family in debt.

So should your kids go to private schools like the kids featured in the magazine? If you really can afford it, YES! If not, don’t force it. If there’s still time, prepare for it. You can’t afford to hope your child will be an academic scholar. Start growing your money even before you’ll have a kid. Work very hard for your kids future.

Criminals and their religious beliefs


For the longest time I have always wondered if there is a way I can connect the population of criminals in our country with their religious beliefs. I am interested to see a data that shows something like: 15% of all Christians are convicted offenders, whereas only 5% of all Muslims, and 7% of Buddhists have a criminal record. Please note the numbers I mentioned earlier are simply to illustrate on what I wanted to find out, and crime could be anything from shoplifting to homicide.

Maybe for all we know atheists are the least likely people to commit a crime. Does religion make you a better person? If you discover that a particular religion/denomination/faith have the least number of people in jail, would you change your beliefs and convert?

What do you think?

Which schools did the Philippines’ top executives went to?


(In picture from top left to right then bottom: Jaime Augusto Zóbel, Jon Ramon Aboitiz, Andrew Tan, Isidro Consunji, Federico Lopez, Lance Gokongwei, Lucio Tan, George Ty, Manuel Pangilinan, Ramon Ang, Hans Sy, Ernesto Tanmantiong, Ernest Cu, Nestor Tan, Cezar Consing)

Do the names of the schools you went to really matter for you to become a high-paid executive? That question will never have a final answer. Billionaires like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Steve Jobs never finished college. Richard Branson left school when he was 16. So why bother studying, finishing college, or even take an MBA? It’s because not everyone can be like them. But we can still achieve a level of success that we want in life through higher education.

While waiting for my MBA, I did some research on the educational background of the key executives of top companies in the Philippines. There are hundreds of big corporations in the country, so I will just focus on the top three executives of the companies listed in the PSE Composite Index.

Please note that honorary degrees are included. Honorary degrees are often awarded to individuals that have no prior connection to the school that awarded them. Learn more about honoris causa here.


    Jaime Augusto Zóbel de Ayala II, CEO (AB Economics (cum laude), Harvard College; MBA, Harvard Business School)

    Fernando Zóbel de Ayala, COO (AB Liberal Arts, Harvard College; Certificate of International Management, INSEAD)

    Delfin C. Gonzalez, Jr., CFO (BS Chemical Engineering (magna cum laude) De La Salle University; MBA, Harvard Business School)


    Jon Ramon M Aboitiz, Chairman (BS Commerce, major in Management, Santa Clara University)

    Erramon I Aboitiz, CEO (BS Business Administration, major in Accounting and Finance, Gonzaga University)

    Stephen G Paradies, CFO (BS Business Management, Santa Clara University)


    Andrew L Tan, CEO (BS Business Administration (magna cum laude), University of the East; Doctor of Humanities, (honoris causa), University of the East)

    Kingson U Sian, President (BS Business Economics (gold medalist), University of the Philippines; MBA for Finance and Business Policy, University of Chicago)

    Dina D R Inting, CIO (BS Commerce major in Accounting (cum laude), (Philippine College of Commerce) Polytechnic University of the Philippines; Certificate in Organizational Development, Ateneo de Manila University)

  • AYALA LAND, INC. (link)

    Bernard Vincent O Dy, CEO (BS Business Administration, University of Notre Dame; MBA, University of Chicago; Masters in International Relations, University of Chicago)

    Vincent Y Tan, Exec VP (BS Management Engineering (cum laude), Ateneo de Manila University; MBA in Management Science and Finance, University of Chicago)

    Jaime E Ysmael, CFO (BS Business Administration major in Accounting (summa cum laude), University of the East; MBA in Finance, Wharton School; MA in International Studies, University of Pennsylvania Joseph H. Lauder Institute of Management and International Studies)


    Enrique M Aboitiz Jr, Chairman (BS Business Administration major In Economics, Gonzaga University

    Susan V Valdez, Chief Risk Management Officer (BS Commerce major in Accounting, St. Theresa’s College; Masters in Business Management, University of the Philippines; Management Development at Harvard Business School)

    M Jasmine S Oporto, Chief Compliance Officer (BS Landscape Architecture (cum laude), University of the Philippines; Bachelor of Laws, University of the Philippines)

  • BDO UNIBANK, INC. (link)

    Jesus A Jacinto Jr, Vice Chairman (BS Business Administration, Fordham University; MBA in International Business, Columbia University)

    Nestor V Tan, President (BS Commerce, De La Salle University; MBA, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.)

    Ador A Abrogena, Exec VP (BS Chemical Engineering, De La Salle University)


    Jose Eduardo J Alarilla, Vice Chairman (BS Mechanical Engineering, De La Salle University; Master in Business Management, Asian Institute of Management)

    Thomas Arasi, COO (AB Hotel and Restaurant Administration, Cornell University)

    Estella Tuason-Occeña, CFO (BS Commerce, St. Scholastica’s College; MBA from De La Salle University)


    Cezar Peralta Consing, CEO (AB Economics (magna cum laude) from De La Salle University; MA in Applied Economics, University of Michigan)

    Joseph Albert L Gotuaco, CFO (BS Economics in Finance and Marketing (summa cum laude), Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania; MBA, Harvard Business School)

    Antonio V Paner, Exec VP (AB Economics, Ateneo de Manila University; Business and Finance including Strategic Financial Management, Harvard Business School)

  • DMCI HOLDINGS, INC. (link)

    Isidro A Consunji, CEO (BS Civil Engineering Degree, University of the Philippines; MBA, Asian Institute of Management; Master of Business Economics Degree, University of Asia & the Pacific)

    Herbert M Consunji, CFO (BS Commerce major in Accounting; De La Salle University)

    Victor S Limlingan (Ateneo de Manila University; Doctorate at Harvard Business School)


    Ferdinand B Poblete, CIO (BS Electrical Engineering, University of the Philippines)

    Ernesto B Pantangco, Exec VP (BS Mechanical Engineering, De La Salle University in 1973, MBA Asian Institute of Management)

    Nestor H Vasay, Senior VP (BS Business Administration from Angeles University)


    Federico R Lopez, CEO (AB Economics and International Relations, University of Pennsylvania)

    Francis Giles B Puno, COO (BS Business Management, Ateneo de Manila University; MBA Northwestern University’s Kellogg Graduate School of Management)

    Richard B Tantoco, Exec VP (BS Business Management, Ateneo de Manila University; MBA in Finance, Wharton School of Business of the University of Pennsylvania)

  • GLOBE TELECOM, INC. (link)

    Ernest Lawrence Cu, CEO (BS Industrial Management Engineering, De La Salle University; MBA in Finance, Accounting, and Operations Management, Northwestern University’s J.L. Kellog Graduate School of Management)

    Henry Rhoel R. Aguda, CIO (BS Mathematics, University of the Philippines; Masters in Applied Business Economics, University of Asia and the Pacific)

    Rodolfo A Salalima, CLC (AB Philosophy (magna cum laude), San Beda College; Bachelor of Laws (cum laude) San Beda College)


    Arthur Vy Ty, Chairman (BS Economics, University of California, Los Angeles; MBA, Columbia University)

    Alfred Vy Ty, Vice Chairman (BS Business Administration, University of Southern California)

    Carmelo Maria L Bautista, President (AB Economics, Ateneo De Manila University; Masters in Business Management, Asian Institute of Management)


    Enrique K Razon Jr, President (BS Business Administration, De La Salle University)

    Martin L O’Neil, CFO (AB degree, Harvard College)

    Fernando L Gaspar, CAO (BS Chemical Engineering, De La Salle University)


    Tony Tan Caktiong, Chairman (BS Chemical Engineering, University of Santo Tomas; Honorary Doctor of Humanities from St. Paul University; Honorary Doctor of Science in Business Management; Far Eastern University of the Philippines; Honorary Doctor of Humanities from the Southwestern University)

    Ernesto Tanmantiong, CEO (BS Business Management, Ateneo De Manila University; Advanced Management Program, Harvard Business School)

    Ysmael V Baysa, CFO (BS Business Administration major in Accountancy, Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation)


    James L Go, CEO (BS and MS in Chemical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

    Lance Yu Gokongwei, COO (BS Economics, Finance and Applied Science, University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School, USA; Management and Technology Program, University of Pennsylvania.)

    Bach Johann M Sebastian, Senior VP (AB Economics, University of the Philippines; Master’s in Business Management, Asian Institute of Management)

  • LT GROUP, INC. (link)

    Lucio C Tan, CEO (BS Chemical Engineering from Far Eastern University; Doctor of Philosophy, Major in Commerce by the University of Santo Tomas; Doctorate, University of Santo Tomas; Doctor of Humane Letters Degree (honoris Causa), University of Guam, Doctor of Allied Agriculture Degree (honoris Causa), Central Luzon State University; Doctor of Technology Management (Honoris Causa) by the Western Visayas College of Science and Technology; Doctor of Science In International Business and Entrepreneurship (Honoraris Causa) by Cavite State University; Doctor of Humanities (Honoris Causa) by the Western Mindanao State University; Doctor of Business Management (Honoris Causa) by the St. Paul University Philippines in Tuguegarao, Cagayan)

    Harry Chua Tan, Vice Chairman (BS Chemical Engineering, Mapua Institute of Technology)

    Michael G Tan, President (Bachelor of Applied Science in Civil Engineering and Structural Engineering, University of British Columbia)


    George Siao Kian Ty, Founder (University of Santo Tomas)

    Francisco C Sebastian, Vice Chairman (AB Economics, Ateneo de Manila University.)

    Aniceto Sobrepeña, Exec VP (AB Political Science (cum laude), Ateneo de Manila University; Certificate in Development Economics from the University of the Philippines School of Economics; Master of Arts in Development Economics from the Williams College)


    Lourdes T Gutierrez, COO (BS Accounting (Cum Laude), Far Eastern University)

    Philipps C Cando, Senior VP (BS Civil Engineering)

    Francisco C Canuto, Senior VP (BS Commerce major in Accounting, Polytechnic University of the Philippines, MBA Ateneo Graduate School of Business)


    Oscar S Reyes, CEO (AB Economics (Cum Laude), Ateneo de Manila University; Diploma in Business Administration from Waterloo University; MBA Ateneo Graduate School of Business; Program for Management Development from the Harvard Business School)

    Ricardo V Buencamino, Senior EVP (BS Electrical Engineering, Mapua Institute of Technology)

    Betty C Siy-Yap, CFO (BS Business Administration and Accountancy degrees, University of the Philippines; MBA at J.l. Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology; Special Executive Program in Corporate Restructuring and Finance at the Arthur D. Little Management Institute)


    Manuel Velez Pangilinan, Chairman (AB Economics from the Ateneo De Manila University; Honorary Doctorate in Humanities, San Beda College and Xavier University; MBA, Wharton School of Finance and Commerce at the University of Pennsylvania)

    Jose Maria K. Lim, CEO (AB Philosophy, Ateneo de Manila University; Master of Business Management, Asian Institute of Management)

    David John Nicol, CFO (BS Management Sciences, Lancaster University)


    Eric O Recto, Vice Chairman (BS Industrial Engineering, University of the Philippines; MBA, Cornell University, Johnson Graduate School of Management)

    Lubin B Nepomuceno, President (BS Chemical Engineering De La Salle University; MBA, De La Salle University)

    Emmanuel E Eraña, CFO (BS Accounting, Colegio de San Juan de Letran)


    Juan B Santos, Vice Chairman (BS Business Administration, Ateneo de Manila University; Post-Graduate Studies, Thunderbird Graduate School of Management; Advanced Management Course, International Institute for Management Development)

    Michael T Toledo, Senior VP (Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Arts, University of the Philippines; Master of Laws, London School of Economics and Political Science)

    Danny Y Yu, CFO (BS Commerce, University of San Carlos; Master of Management, Asian institute of Management)


    Frederick D Go, COO (BS Management Engineering, Ateneo de Manila University)

    Ma Socorro Isabelle V Aragon-Gobio, Senior VP (BS Management Engineering, Ateneo de Manila University)

    Rodolfo T Malit, First VP (BS Commerce, University of Santo Tomas)


    Junalina S Tabor, CFO (BS Commerce, Saint Joseph College; MBA, University of the Philippines)

    Nena D Arenas, CGO (BS Accounting (cum laude), University of St. La Salle)

    Ma Cristina C Gotianun, Exec VP (BS Business Economics, University of the Philippines)


    Harley T Sy, President (BS Commerce major in Finance, De La Salle University)

    Jose T Sio, CFO (BS Commerce and Accounting, University of San Agustin; MBA, New York University)

    Grace F Roque, Senior VP (Bachelor Degree in Economics, (Maryknoll College) Miriam College; MBA, the University of the Philippines)


    Eduardo Murphy Cojuangco Jr, CEO (College of Agriculture, University of the Philippines – Los Baños; California Polytechnic College; Post Graduate degree in Economics and Humanities, University of Mindanao)

    Ramon S Ang, COO (BS Mechanical Engineering, Far Eastern University)

    Ferdinand K Constantino, CFO (AB Economics, University of the Philippines)


    Hans T Sy, President (BS Mechanical Engineering, De La Salle University)

    Jeffrey C Lim, Vice President (BS Accounting, University of the East)

    Corazon I Morando, Senior VP (Bachelor of Laws, University of the Philippines; MBA, Ateneo de Manila University)


    Napoleon L Nazareno, CEO (BS Mechanical Engineering, University of San Carlos; Master of Business Management, Asian Institute of Management; INSEAD Executive Program, European Institute of Business Administration)

    Isaias P Fermin, Exec VP (BS Chemical Engineering, University of the Philippines)

    Ernesto R Alberto, Exec VP (Master’s Degree in Economic Research, University of Asia & the Pacific)


    Cornelio S Mapa Jr, Exec VP (BS Economics and International Finance, New York University;MBA, International Institute for Management Development)

    Patrick O Ng, Exec VP (BS Engineering, Ateneo de Manila University)

    Constante T Santos, Controller (BS Business Administration, University of the East;Management Development Program, Asian Institute of Management)

  • (Note: Some executives also have positions on several of the companies above, that’s why I didn’t mention their names again and instead selected other people to complete the three featured executives per company, and this may already be outdated by the time you read this. Source: Businessweek)

    Do you have what it takes to be a top executive on any of these companies? Is education enough to get you to the top?

    “Good grades, the right schools, the right colleges, the right connections–those are the keys to the kingdom” – Charlie Dillon, School Ties

    One hundred million Pinoys


    Today we celebrate the birth of the 100 millionth Filipino, and counting (there are 3 babies born every minute). We are now officially the 12th most populous country, which is 1.39% of the entire world. (Click here to see the list of countries by population).

    In the next few years or decades, we will go further up the ladder now that Japan’s population (currently ranked 10th) is fast declining.

    The Philippine government will award PhP5,000 (in kind such as diapers and other baby necessities) to 100 babies who are born after 12:06 AM nationwide randomly selected by the Population Commission.

    In an article written on October 2002, the Philippine Statistics Office estimated that we would reach 100 million by 2016. But Filipinos could not wait that long.

    Is this good or bad for the economy? This is good for businessmen, which means they will have more customers to serve. But it is bad for the jobless, and more people will be competing for work. Please note that 40 million Filipinos today live below the poverty line. Will the RH Law help us deal with the steadily increasing population?

    100 things you don’t know about Iglesia ni Cristo


    To all my INC friends, happy 100th anniversary! So here are the 100 things every non-INC don’t know about the Iglesia ni Cristo.


    1. Iglesia ni Cristo was registered to the Philippine government on July 27, 1914, a day before World War I began.
    2. Felix Manalo is recognized by the church as the last messenger of God, based from Revelation 7:1-3. So I did a Wikipedia search about the last prophet.
    3. Felix Manalo was born a Catholic, then converted to Methodist where he became a pastor. He then transferred to several other denominations such as Presbyterian, Adventist, and then started his own denomination when he was 27.
    4. Iglesia ni Cristo faced harsh criticisms since its inception, most notably by the Members Church of God International, popularly known as Ang Dating Daan.
    5. Philippine Arena, the world’s largest indoor arena is a project of New Era University, INC’s educational institution.
    6. As of Philippine Census statistics report last 2000, there are over 1.8 million INC members, about 2.3% of the population.
    7. INC has a strong influence in the Philippine politics. In 1969 INC (who had 300,000 members at that time) switched alliance from Sergio Osmena to Ferdinand Marcos, and Marcos won the election.

    Oh well, can you help me with the remaining 93? Thanks for reading!

    MH370 MH517 AH5017 and other air disasters


    First of all my condolences to all families of all the passengers of the recent flight disasters.

    Looking at Wikipedia, there are in fact 14 flight accidents and incidents all around the world that were never covered on international news, or at least at the magnitude covered by the receant disasters suffered by the passenger of Malaysia Airlines, and most recently Air Algerie.

    • Jan 20 – Romania Britten-Norman Islander (link)
    • Feb 11 – Algeria Lockheed C-130 Hercules (link)
    • Feb 16 – Nepal Airlines Flight 183 (link)
    • Feb 17 – 748 Air Services HS 748 (link)
    • Feb 17 – Ethiopian Airlines Flight 702 (link)
    • Mar 8 – Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 (link)
    • Mar 13 – Haughey Air Agusta Westland AW 139 (link)
    • May 17 – Lao People’s Liberation Army Air Force An-74 (link)
    • Jun 14 – Ukrainian Air Force Ilyushin Il-76 (link)
    • Jun 23 – Olsberg mid-air collision (link)
    • Jul 2 – Skyward International Aviation Fokker 50 (link)
    • Jul 17 – Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 (link)
    • Jul 23 – TransAsia Airways Flight 222 (link)
    • Jul 24 – Air Algérie Flight 5017 (link)

    Last year there were 22 aviation accidents and incident’s worldwide. Click here for the list and just browse by year.

    MBA books to read



    While I am processing my requirements for my MBA, I’m reading these books to give me an idea what to expect when classes start later this year.

    • The Mobile MBA112 Skills To Take You Further, Faster (by Jo Owen) (link)
    • The Complete Idiot’s Guide To MBA Basics (by Tom Gorman) (link)
    • Complete MBA for Dummies (by Kathleen Allen, PhD and Peter Economy) (link)

    I’ll try to get this done as fast as possible just to give me the basic ideas about getting MBA and re-read this later when I have more free time.

    Digital Analytics Fundamentals


    Collected the entire set of Google Analytics Academy Digital Analytics Fundamentals YouTube videos all in one page. You’re welcome.

    Lesson 1.1 Course overview (text version)

    Lesson 2.1 The importance of digital analytics (text version)

    Lesson 2.2 Core analysis techniques (text version)

    Lesson 2.3 Conversions and conversion attribution (text version)

    Lesson 2.4 Creating a measurement plan (text version)

    Lesson 3.1 How Google Analytics works (text version)

    Lesson 3.2 Key metrics and dimensions defined (text version)

    Lesson 4.1 Creating an account (text version)

    Lesson 4.2 Understanding your account structure (text version)

    Lesson 4.3 Setting up basic filters (text version)

    Lesson 4.4 Setting up goals and ecommerce (text version)

    Lesson 4.5 Collecting campaign data (text version)

    Lesson 5.1 Reporting overview (text version)

    Lesson 5.2 Audience reports (text version)

    Lesson 5.3 Acquisition reports (text version)

    Lesson 5.4 AdWords reports (text version)

    Lesson 5.5 Behavior reports (text version)

    Lesson 6.1 Goal Flow report (text version)

    Lesson 6.2 Ecommerce reports (text version)

    Lesson 6.3 Multi-Channel Funnels reports (text version)

    Lesson 6.4 Attribution reports (text version)

    Source: https://analyticsacademy.withgoogle.com/course01

    Hello world!


    Hey there. I’m blogging again. Do people still read blogs?

    Let’s see how this goes. Thanks for visiting :)