One hundred million Pinoys


Today we celebrate the birth of the 100 millionth Filipino, and counting (there are 3 babies born every minute). We are now officially the 12th most populous country, which is 1.39% of the entire world. (Click here to see the list of countries by population).

In the next few years or decades, we will go further up the ladder now that Japan’s population (currently ranked 10th) is fast declining.

The Philippine government will award PhP5,000 (in kind such as diapers and other baby necessities) to 100 babies who are born after 12:06 AM nationwide randomly selected by the Population Commission.

In an article written on October 2002, the Philippine Statistics Office estimated that we would reach 100 million by 2016. But Filipinos could not wait that long.

Is this good or bad for the economy? This is good for businessmen, which means they will have more customers to serve. But it is bad for the jobless, and more people will be competing for work. Please note that 40 million Filipinos today live below the poverty line. Will the RH Law help us deal with the steadily increasing population?

Image credit: Richard Reyes c/o Inquirer

What are your thoughts?